The “Brownfield and Contaminated Site Remediation Act” (N.J.S.A. 58:10B-1 et seq.) needs the Department of Environmental Protection to control areas of the state anyplace immense assortments of notable fill NY and make this information accessible for individuals all in all.


These maps show assortments of paramount fill cover more than around 5 units of land. For the points of interest for these maps, recognized fill is non unique physical put in on a site in request to raise the topographic rise of the site.

No portrayal is made regarding the planning of the fill or promptness of infringement in the memorable fill NY. A couple of regions mapped as fill may cover various creation waste or metallic dealing with squander that reject them from the administrative feeling of life-changing fill.

Fill was mapped from stereophonic ethereal taking pictures in March 1979, included spots by design metric airborne shooting taken in the spring period of 1991 and 1992.

Additional locales of fill were diagrammed by watching at zones of lowland, bog, and plain showed up on chronicled topographic and geologic maps on content at the N. J. Physical Survey, dated anyplace around 1840 and 1910, further bolstering their injuring good fortune review. In some place, fill was mapped from field bits of knowledge and from drillers’ logs of shafts and borings.

Most urban and rustic domains are underlain by an unpredictable layer of uncovered indigenous soil mixed with changing measures of non-indigenous material. The enviro-disposal.com is the best answer for the urban fill NY and giving the best accessible answer for such circumstances.

This material generally does not experience the undertone of remarkable fill and isn’t depicted on these maps. Moreover, there may be recognized fills that are not distinguishable on flying taking pictures or by archived direct change as are not showed up on these maps, especially along streams in urban and rustic regions.

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